Road Marking Machine

“PERFECT” - High Quality Hand Propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine With Rotor Glass Bead System.

Model No. : PE - RM - 100

  • 100 Kg. Capacity of Stainless Steel Tank and agitator with vertically mounted agitating arm.
  • Front Mounted Pointer Guide adjustable according to laying shoe size.
  • LPG Heating System : LPG Supply through heavy duty ring type burners for material tank and screed box.
  • Hand Torch for safe lighting of burners.
  • The Material tank shall have an outer jacket fitted with Dial Type Temperature Gauge 30o C - 400 o C  to maintain the uniform temperature of the material.
  • Screed Marking Shoe : Available in 10 cm  and 15 cm width provided easy adjustment of thickness adjustment with rotating knob.
  • Glass Beads Dispenser : Available in 10 cm  and 15 cm width adjustable for minimum discharge of glass beads @300gms /m2. The dispenser shall be linked via chain drive from wheels of the machine so that quantity of dispensed glass beads is constant irrespective of speed of the machine and thereby assuring constant quality beads every time at any marking speed.
  • Glass Beads Storage Box with window.
  • Auto Lockable Rear Wheel capable of straight & fine alignment of markings track locked position or 360 degree swivel.
  • Tool Box for tool kit & storage etc.
Thermoplastic Road Marking Machinethermoplastic road marking machine manufacturer

“PERFECT” - High Quality Thermoplastic Pre - Heater / Boiler

Model No. : PE - PH - 250, Capacity of 250 Kgs. ( 10 Bags )

  • vertical type mechanical agitation, provided horizontal & vertical stator agitation blades.
  • Air cooled 5HP.diesel engine, fitted with reduction gear box.
  • Provide heat eliminating glass wool insulation on outer portion.
  • Separate bimetal temperature gauges for Heating temperature & Paint temperature.
  • High pressure Burner, hand torch, regulators, all other standard attachment.
  • Skid mounted, ideal to be transported or mount on a small 1ton tempo.
thermoplastic preheater boiler
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