Bitumen Sprayer

Perfect Engineers is engaged in manufacturing & supplying a best quality bitumen sprayer. The word itself suggests spraying the bitumen. The machine has unique functionality & able to spray the bitumen in a uniform way, No part of the road sprayed is over or under. The features of the machine are as under


  • We are providing fully insulated tank in attachment with bitumen sprayer which are capable of high performing oil heating  
  • Along with product we are also supplying air cooled diesel engine and positive displacement gear pump.
  • The spray bar is such that it is having the free & full flow of circulation
  • To ease the spraying operation we are providing platform with hood for operator
  • To make the system easy & clean we have made this product with simple pressure along with the cleaning system
  • To know the desired result & status we supply digital speed indicator along with machine
  • To make the moisture separate we are providing separator for clean & dry air.
Bitumen Sprayer Emulsion Sprayer
MODEL PE-3000 PE-4000 PE-6000
CAPACITY 3000 Ltrs 4000 Ltrs 6000 Ltrs
MODEL Emulsion Sprayer / Wood Fire Boiler
CAPACITY 1,2, 2.5, 3 Ton